PIGLEO Tilt Plus


Adjustable tilting buggy


PIG comes from a famous Greek myth, Pygmalion. It stands for parents’ great expectation. LEO is the name of a lion, which are children’s great fortitude. Put them together, here comes the PIGLEO.

PIGLEO Tilt Plus is a lightweigt buggy which offers parents the convenience in handling, while providing the kids with superior comfortability and safety. The back of chair can be recline as a bed, or kids can be sit in a fixed natural position by safety harness. The buggy could also be tilted to help relief the pressure from sitting too long.

The seat depth, back support and length of the foot support-to-seat are adjustable to accomodate the growt of the cildren. The buggy is also can be folded into a size of a normal stroller for easy storage.

  • Made of Aerial Aluminum Alloy
  • Foldable frame
  • Tilt angle: 0 – 45°
  • Folding anti-tippers
  • Adjustable leg support
  • Adjustable back support
  • Adjustable handle height

Additional information

Weight Capacity

S=30.0kg, M=30.0kg, L=45.0kg

Product weight

S=10.9kg, M=11.3kg, L=16.6kg

Seat width

S=25.0 cm, M=28.0 cm, L=32.0 cm

Seat depth

S=22.0-28.0 cm, M=25.0-31.0 cm, L=30.0-38.0 cm

Back support width

S=33.0 cm, M=36.0 cm, L=40.0 cm

Foot support to seat

S=18.0-30.0 cm, M=18.0-30.0 cm, L=20.0-36.0 cm


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