AS-N-01 Wrist Brace

Anatomic Wrist Brace


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Wrist joint has a lot of axis of movement. In radiocarpal joint is flexion, extension, ulnar and radial deviation. Also, supination and pronation is in radioulnar joints. The movement in wrist works indirect, so without tendon’s reporting on bones. That’s why the good ligament system is very important in wrist and guarantees proper wrist range of motion.

Injury or disturbance of some wrist ligament can cause limited motion and function of wrist. It’s often connected with joint instability that is characterizes by noticeable “clicks” (with pain also), pins and needles feeling during daily activities. The muscles are weak and grabbing some items is difficult. Wrist instability can be the reason of dislocation or fractures in the wrist area.

AS-N-01 is anatomic-shaped and wrap around designed wrist brace with elastic circular strap. It’s available for right and left hand.

Wrist brace AS-N-01 is made of innovative, high-compressive and skin-friendly material called CottonFit.

CottonFit is an innovative material. It’s 3-layered spacer fabric consisted of elastic spandex, elastic core and cotton layer called CottonPlush. The core’s aim is to improve compression and absorb shocks in joints and muscles during physical activity. The skin has contact with CottonPlush, providing high air permeability and maintaining the skin soft and dry. CottonFit has Oeko-Tex Standard 100, what means that it is neural for skin.

Our AS-N-01 wrist brace connect the compression with mild heating what improves the effusion’s absorption. Elastic circular strap allows to adjust the level of compression according to your needs.

Features of anatomic wrist brace AS-N-01:

  • Heat, support and compression of the wrist joint
  • Absorption of the falls and contusions
  • Modern design and anatomic shape providing good fitting
  • Additional, elastic circular strap providing good stabilization
  • The hand is free what doesn’t limit the motion
  • Improvement of proprioception
  • Pain relief, off-loading and stabilization of the wrist
  • Excellent in sport

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Indications / Purpose of Use

After wrist injuries
Joint degeneration or inflammation
Prophylactically in sport


Optimal functioning of brace can only be achieved by selecting the right size.

The skin in place, which in touch with the brace, should be clean (avoid the usage of ointments or creams).

It is necessary to control the skin's condition (especially in heels and feet) and in case of skin lesions occurred it is necessary to contact the physician.

In case of skin lesions (epidermis scrapes, scratches or eczema) using the brace is allowed after dressing application.

Use of the brace at night should be done only if this was prescribed by your doctor.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm water (30°C) with soap.
Rinse carefully.
Do not iron.
Do not chlorinate.
Do not dry clean.
Do not tumble dry.


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