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Aria 1.0 Mg

Ultralight adjustable wheelchair, the rigid frame is assembled with structural adhesives and it is made of magnesium alloy and Ergal components.


Not adjustable after sales
Not adjustable after sales
Not adjustable after sale
Considered from the backrest tube to the axle of the rear wheels
Considered from the floor to the back of seat plate
Considered from the floor to the front of seat plate
Considered from the footrest cover to the the seat pan
Considered from the seat pan to the top of the backrest
Rigid carbon fibre seat pan +
Carbon fibre seat pan with transversal cuts for greater flexion +
Adjustable with carbon fibre cover +
Flip-Back with carbon fibre cover +
Aria® Scissor lock +
Out-Front Push to lock +
Out-Front Scissor lock +
Aluminium Eagle brakes +
Standard clamp +
Carbon fibre clamp +
White +
Graphite grey +
Black +
Metallic Grey +
Blue +
Yellow +
Red +
Black Wheel with black hub and black spokes +
Golz Six-Star with black hub and black spokes +
Golz Twin-Star Exchange with black hub +
Spinergy® Lite Extreme LX with black hub +
* Not available with rear wheels Golz Six Star ( RWHSG / RWHSG.1 )
Black anodized aluminum +
Silver anodized aluminum* +
Aluminum with foam coated for tetraplegic* +
Titanium* +
Carbo Life Curve L* +
Carbo Life Gekko* +
Carbo Life Quadro* +
Schwalbe Right Run - Black/Grey +
Solid polyurethane +
Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution - Black +
Schwalbe One - Black +
Aria® Double-Sided - black anodized aluminum +
Aria® Single-Sided - black anodized aluminium +
Aria® Single-Sided - in carbon fibre +
3’’ black alumin. +
4’’ black alumin. +
5’’ black alumin. +
4’’ Carbon fibre wheels +
Carbon Fiber Rigid +
Carbon Fiber Fendered +
Non-removable armrests with PU coating +
Without postural backrest +
Aria® rigid Postural Backrest - carbon fibre +
Aria® semi-rigid moisture-wicking Postural Backrest - carbon f. +
Without +
Cushion made of foam with breathable textile +
Without +
Adjustable push handles - black matte painted aluminum +
Black cordura under seat bag with velcro fabric +
Under seat grab handle +
Anti tipper mounted on left +
Anti tipper mounted on right +
Calf band, height 8 cm - black textile +
Calf band, height 6 cm - black leather +
Without +
Pair of frame protection made of black leather - velcro fabric +
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  • Product Price: RM37,270.00
  • Total: RM0.00

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1.0 Mg is a 100% manually assembled Italian product. It’s the result of rigorous and precise research, the synthesis between technique, materials, functionality and aesthetics. A unique ergonomic and essential shape is the future made from the essence. Provided with a foldable backrest and a rigid frame in magnesium alloy, 1.0 Mg is the ideal product for active users.

High standards of safety, performance and long lasting durability are assured by components in aluminium alloy 7075 and carbon fibre (central axis, backrest, side guards, seat and footrests). The use of structural adhesives assures excellent and performing joints.

1.0 Mg is CE certified and has been designed and tested according to the UNI and ISO 7176 regulations. Classified as a lightweight wheelchair, it weighs approx. 5.4 kgs.

Why magnesium alloy

Magnesium is the lightest structural metal currently available in the world. It is approximately 33% lighter by volume than aluminum and 50% lighter than titanium.

In addition to lightweight construction, a few of the other advantages that magnesium offers are excellent fatigue resistance, denting and buckling resistance, and the highest known damping capacity of any structural metal.

The extremely light magnesium frame reduce significantly the total weight of the products.

Principal benefits for the final user:

Lightness, exceptional manoeuvrability, fluidity and multi-adjustability, user-friendly

Standard configuration:

Carbon fibre rigid postural backrest BKRTR + folding system, central axle in carbon fibre with Aria® patented shock absorbing technology ASAT, carbon fibre side guards, carbon fibre rigid seat pan, stainless steel screws + the STD optional in its relating order form.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Maximum user weight


Transport weight

± 5.4 kg


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