These are the devices worn as an alternative to surgery and providing a way to control how our body functions during activity daily living (ADL). It compensates for the deformities and reliefs pain. Orthovive proficiently diagnose the imbalance and provides orthotic insoles to correct the balance distributing the pressure and providing better symmetry. We also provide custom devices such as ankle-foot orthoses (AFO), knee-ankle-foot orthoses (KAFO), hip orthoses (HO), wrist-hand orthoses (WHO), and scoliosis orthoses (TLSO or LSO) when needed.

We can provide you with very personalized orthotics. We understand how critical it is to correct imbalance and prevent further damages to your body. Orthotics is something that is very personalized and has to be designed critically, for this may create more harm if it does not perfectly settle the imbalance.  Orthotic insoles are also useful for post-surgery supports. This helps maintain balance after the surgery.


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