We are Orthovive

Missing your ability to walk should not be the reason for one to stop achieving their dreams. This is what we at Orthovive believe in and has been working on from beginning to date.

We are here to help physically impaired person, live a normal a life, by providing high-quality products and professional services for a perfect fit devices. 

Our Background

Working with Orthovive ensures that the patient is in the right hands. We believe in complete customer satisfaction, hence, supplying clinical expertise, technical excellence, and administrative support at our accessible business facility in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is our pride.

We entered the market in 2009 with the purpose to provide people with impairments a better chance to live their life in a better way. Our founder’s passion for encouraging inclusive society and improving the quality of life for the physically impaired have been the driving forces behind Orthovive’s mission. As a customer centered company, we go beyond any limits to make things reality which once was just a science fiction.

Our Mission

We are committed to restore clients to their highest level of independence and improve the lives of those we serve through compassionate, responsive delivery of healthcare solutions.

With the best patients care in mind, we exhort on the utmost in quality of products, character of our team members, and relationships with customers and business partners. We strive to strengthen our position as market leader through innovation and continuous improvement of our products and services.

Our Promise

We have set our standards for the quality of product and service sky high. Orthovive strictly observe the policy of no compromise in quality and service. A feature that enables us to stand out amongst all others.

We work in a manner to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We work closely with our patients to understand their needs and expectations, then design it to cater every detail provided. Lastly, the most important task is to fit prosthetic, orthotic and wheelchair in a way where it doesn’t restrict any movement due to discomfort. Once it fits with all the necessary comfort ensured, we track the progress of the patient periodically.